The Director of HKAPA Professor Adrian Walter, the Librarian, the sound engineer and professor of sound reproduction all gathered at the Record Museum for the world's music DNA data base project!  It is our great honor that being accepted by the Highest level of art academy in Hong Kong to use our valuable music heritage as standard for monitoring and teaching purposes. 今天很高興香港演藝學院校長 Professor Adrian Walter 聯同圖書館館長,音響工程師及教授等一行五人到訪〘唱片博物館〙商討建立世界首個音樂DNA 資料庫事宜。 獲香港最高藝術學府採用我們珍貴錄音作為標準監聽及教學用途感到非常鼓舞和榮幸。